Our Community - Staff

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Mrs S. Marshall  
Full-time Teacher Miss H. Howlett Class HH
Full-time Teacher

Miss M. Morys

Class MM
Full-time Teacher Mrs L. Cooper Class LC
Full-time Teacher Miss C. Campbell Class CC
Part-time Teacher (Intervention)
Mrs K. Reaney


Admin and Finance Officer

Miss B. Jones

Teaching Assistant
Mrs C. Stanley
Teaching Assistant Mrs S. Pashley  
Teaching Assistant Miss C. Strangwood  
Teaching Assistant Mr D. Mackinnon  
Midday Supervisor
Mr P. Goode
Midday Supervisor
Mrs S. Pashley
Midday Supervisor Miss C. Strangwood  
Midday Supervisor Mr D. Mackinnon  
Midday Supervisor Miss J. Oliver  
Caretaker Mr P. Goode  
Food Service Assistant Mrs K. Ingram  


If you would like to see a member of staff please book an appointment via the office.  To enable your concerns to be dealt with effectively most matters will be addressed to the class teacher in the first instance.  If the headteacher is absent for an extended period of time the next senior teacher is Miss Howlett.